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This is my first blog, so bear with me as I get it up and running. I wrote a blog for Traditional Home Magazine, but they did all the web work, all I had to do was think, type and write.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I am so excited I could scream!!!! I just fixed my printer by myself.  It was very expensive, as printers go, but I really wanted it 'cuz it was so small, so it wouldn't look like a massive machine in my study. Soooo, when it stoped working, I freaked out.  It worked for a year, and then had a brain freeze when the ink level got low, and decided it wouldn't work anymore. So, I uninstalled the software, and when I went to reinstall it, it claimed (huh) that my operating system (Windows 7) wasn't supported. So the next thing I did was call technical support. Guess who I got???!!! Some guy in India, what a surprise. He did one of those spooky take over your computer things, where he could move my curser around my screen and mess with my computer all the way from India. He claimed I must have some malicious virus because I was using a free security system. Well that's just silly, nothing else is causing me any problems on my computer, and no way was I going to have him mess up my machine, so I (sort of) politely thanked him for his time and severed the connection. I waited a week to cool down, after a sucessful installation on my Windows XP older laptop, and decided to try again. I called back the HP number he had given me, only to find out that I would have to pay around a hundred dollars for their help. Well @#$%^ that!!!!!
So I thought - "Betsy (I'm on a first name basis), what would my niece Miriam do??? I KNOW!! She'd look for a patch on the INTERNET! So, I did, found it, downloaded it, installed it, and it WORKED!

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